Cruise Where you want when you want.

A Self Guided Tour

Set your own pace......

and make sure to see the sights that are important to you and your group.  The team at Zipp E-Bikes will show you how easy it is to use one of our bikes with a quick step by step lesson (it wont take you long, it’s just a bicycle that helps you pedal) and make sure you are comfortable and safe before you set out on your journey. They will also answer any questions you might have about Galveston Island and point you towards some cool and interesting destinations to see while you are out on an E-bike. So what are you waiting for…………



The ULTIMATE beach seawall cruising adventure machine! Go anywhere with ease. Let the electric motor do all the work or help you out


Foldable Beach cruiser. Fits a wide range of rider sizes. put it in the trunk and rent it for a few days


Fresh Titanium Knee replacement?  No worries with the step-thru


Got Kids? Dude they can totally ride along! The rad wagon with the caboose or a child seat is the perfect option for your tots

Want to ride with a local guide instead?

NBD we got you covered!

Our local guides know the easy routes, know the history, and know that Zipp E bikes are all about having fun.